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The Canine Division of Metro Enforcement provides highly trained and certified Canine Officer teams to protect persons and property, and to increase the safety of our Officers confronting suspects that pose a possible threat. These teams are a valuable tool in law enforcement and security: used for criminal apprehension, area searches, building searches, evidence detection, narcotics or explosives, tracking fleeing persons, crowd control, and for promoting favorable public relations.

The law enforcement / security dogs are trained for 6 months with their handlers (Officers) before they are allowed to work together on specific projects. These dogs and handlers also train 10 - 15 hours a week to maintain their skills and certifications.

To ensure the best health of our dogs, their diet and exercise plan is provided, as well as their regular health check-ups by a doctor of Veterinarian Medicine. Our K-9 Officers are responsible for their dogs at all times, living at home with them and their families.

Our Canine Patrol Vehicles are equipped with special equipment to transport our dogs and keep them safe. The vehicles are equipped with remote “door openers” which allow the officer to release their dog on command in situations where the officer is in trouble, or is being attacked. These vehicles are also equipped with temperature control devices, alerting the Officer if the temperature inside the car becomes unsafe.

Coverage areas include:

  • Educational facilities
  • Work place environments
  • Public transportation
  • Shipping and warehouses
  • Living environments
  • Health care facilities
  • Government offices