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Metro Enforcement provides a wide range of security services for the protection of Airports, Airlines, Passengers, and Cargo. With travel an important part of our lives, and airports / airlines a potential terror target, we seek to provide a safe environment, not only from terrorism, but from any criminal activity such as drug and contraband trafficking.

Our services include solutions through technologies such as surveillance and detection devices, armed uniformed officers, including (K-9) drug and bomb detection dogs.


Uniformed armed officers receive special training in airport security and operations to keep airports and travel safe. Installation and monitoring of video surveillance systems for terminal and parking lot areas enhance overall security.


Uniformed armed officers assist airline personnel at the terminal during check-in, boarding and exiting of the aircraft. Keeping the air travel experience a safe and pleasant one, is the goal of the security detail.


Uniformed armed LEO officers assist TSA officers during the check-in and screening process of passengers to provide a safe travel with the airlines.

International Flights (including Passengers and Cargo)

Uniformed armed officers assist US Customs officers, and airport operations personnel, in securing international passenger and cargo flights, and airport operations.