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Dennis A. Wysong,  Chief Executive Officer
When Dennis Wysong founded Merchants Police in 1972, he already had the experience of U.S. military service and an early career in law enforcement. Over four decades, Wysong developed his security firm into an industry leader and changed its name – to Metro Enforcement – along the way.  Corporate headquarters remain in Rockford, Illinois.

Throughout his tenure, Wysong has been motivated by the belief that he could achieve better results in private security than ever possible in the public sector. His vision of integrating disciplines by training manned security forces in the use of electronic surveillance creates more effective site coverage and a higher return of investment for clients.

Wysong has received Homeland Security certification from American College of Forensic Examiners Institute.

Scott Holland, Chief Financial Officer
Scott joined Metro Enforcement in 2006 as the Accounting Manager/Financial Analyst. In 2011, Scott was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. Before joining Metro Enforcement, Scott worked as a Senior Auditor for one of the largest profit recovery auditing firms in the U.S. He was responsible for auditing the disbursement process, purchasing, sales and use tax. While in the position, Scott also worked closely with the clients to improve their disbursement processes and procedures to avoid further overpayents.

Prior to working in Accounting and Finance, Scott's career started in Operations Managemnt where he held the positions of Production Manager, Operations and Facility Manager while working for United Parcel Service, Globe National, and American TV. With 20 years of progressive experience in production, operation and logistics managment, Scott has demonstrated the ability to streamline business operations that drive growth, increase efficency and bottom-line profit.

Scott's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from CSU and a Science Degree in Accounting from Madison College where he graduated with honors and was placed on the Dean's List. Scott also holds certifications in Total Quality Managment, ISO 9000 & 9001, Time Study & Work Measurments, Labor Relations and has a 6-Sigma Greenbelt.

Scott has valuable hands-on experience with corporate structuring and start-up activities. He has a strong detail-oriented work ethic that proves to be most important when planning and implementing a project leading to the success of each client. His managment style is structured, courteous, effective, and well perceived.